In May 2016 we had the opportunity to pitch for Dunelm; my challenge was to take the work that was created by them team, and create a first-rate illustrated deck, along with some breathtaking pitch theatre to wow our potential clients.


From the beginning we wanted to use Dunelm's own products, but home furniture would have looked too similar to the sofas and tables we already have in the office. Instead, I suggested a garden party theme which would guide the design of the presentation, board room and window displays.

After the concept art was approved, I set about briefing the printers for the vinyl window stickers, and then travelled around London sourcing the various pitch props.

My goal was to make sure every sense was engaged, from birdsong playing over the speakers, to homemade cupcakes, to the tactile appeal of being able to touch the grass and smell the real flowers in the room.


The client feedback was overwhelmingly positive and our pitch was strong enough to get us to the final two agencies being considered. Even though we weren't successful in winning the business, the presentation will be unlikely to be soon forgotten.