m/SIX Company Values


As an agency, m/SIX's most important resource is their people. They wanted a simple way of communicating internally to staff and externally to clients, who they are and what they stand for.


After senior management developed six values, I took those and drew corresponding animal mascots to bring them to life. These icons were then used in literature, in pitches, and around the agency to keep them alive, rather than just a sheet of paper that gets forgotten. They were also announced at a company meeting.

I then reinterpreted those animals into period portraits using photoshop to make the animal heads match the colour and texture of the original portraits. These designs were then printed and mounted in m/SIX's reception area. This is a great way to pique the curiosity of visiting clients and suppliers and get everyone talking about the values.


The values and the mascots are a key part of m/SIX's identity now; visiting vendors theme their presentations around a chosen value, in interviews, candidates are asked to pick a value and explain how they represent it. The portraits are the first thing visitors to the agency see and they never fail to elicit a curious and interested response.